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RRI uses trained and experienced professionals
Founded by an experienced nurse and certified CRA with over 18 years of industry experience, RRI offers clients some of the best and brightest minds in clinical research.

RRI customizes training for site-specific needs
Unlike off-site training at conferences and large events, RRI provides customized training for sites in your own office. This not only allows for more individualized attention, but also allows trainers to address immediate needs and questions. Our on-line training option allows more flexibility with your office schedule.

RRI saves time
Training at off-site locations requires physician offices to close for several days, and involves a predetermined event schedule that may not be convenient. In contrast, RRI’s on-site training allows offices to participate in weekend training sessions, avoiding unnecessary office closures, and allows sites to set your own schedule. The on-line training option allows even more flexibility, allowing access to training and testing 24 hours a day.

RRI saves money
RRI’s on-site and on-line training are less expensive than sending staff to off-site training conferences. With RRI, doctors can avoid high travel costs associated with off-site training courses.

RRI is a one-stop shop
With our templates, RRI provides sites with everything you need to get started. From site set-up and training to information that connects sites to potential revenue-generating clinical research trials, RRI makes it easy for sites to participate in clinical research quickly and effectively.